An unidentified woman was pictured arriving at the Los Angeles hospital where the singer is believed to have put to bed.

As speculations that Beyonce has been delivered of her twin babies, continue to rise, a curious package arriving at a certain Los Angeles hospital only fuels those flames.

An unidentified woman was pictured on Friday, June 18, arriving at the Los Angeles hospital where the singer is believed to have put to bed.

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The woman is seen carrying a bouquet of pink, purple and blue flowers with two giant baby foot-shaped pink and blue balloons that read, "Baby Girl" and "Baby Boy."

E Online reports that according to an eyewitness account, the woman walked into the front of the building, then got back into her car and drive into an underground parking lot.

A few minutes later, she reemerged without the bouquet.

Are you thinking what we are thinking?


Although Beyonce and Jay Z are yet to announce the sexes of their babies, and the bouquet could actually b e for anyone, on closure observation, it can be seen that the woman's gift also contained a gift card that reads, "B & J."

Despite the lack of confirmation, there have been a few clues suggesting that the famous couple may have welcomed their new babies.

Apart from the fact that Beyonce has been nowhere to be found of late, E Online reports that SUVs were spotted leaving the pair's neighbourhood and heading to the very same hospital.


On Thursday, June 15, Jay Z was also spotted with their five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, at this very same hospital.

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Beyoncé, 35, had announced her second pregnancy via social media platform, Instagram, back in February.

Proud hubby and dad, Jay Z was on Friday inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (the first Hip-Hop artiste to receive this induction). He was absent at the ceremony.

Big congrats to the pair!